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    About Polygraph Testing

    Polygraph instruments are highly sensitive devices, recording minute physiological reactions or changes, which occur inside the body. It is based on scientific research done over the past century and relies on the disciplines of applied anatomy, physiology and psychophysiology. Whenever a person is lying, fear is always present, fear of the truth and its consequences. Fear propels the body to either fight or flee from the perceived threat. This is a physiological reaction brought about by the human autonomous nervous system and cannot be voluntarily controlled.

    Because the polygraph instrument records these involuntary reactions, it provides a clear indication of truthfulness or deception. A qualified polygraph examiner can then make an accurate interpretation. Discovering the truth is the domain of experts, we interpret the close relationship between perceived threats, psychological responses and psychological reactions.

    To ensure the highest quality of work our polygraph examiners are trained by accredited and internationally recognized institutions and are continuously kept abreast of the latest developments in this field. The accuracy does not merely lie within the polygraph instrument, but also within the expertise and competency of the polygraph examiner.

     Our multidisciplinary polygraph examiners are members of the American Polygraph Association (APA), the South African Polygraph Association (PASA) and the South African Professional Polygraph Association (SAPPA).

     Although mankind has devised numerous measures to ensure honesty and ascertain dishonest behavior, the polygraph remains to be one of the most successful investigative tools to expose deceptive behavior, narrowing the pool of suspects, detecting fraud and theft and involvement in criminal activities. Polygraph testing is also successfully applied in pre-employment and periodic screening and for purposes of security clearance. 

    In case of particular misconduct and criminal activities, specific tests are used to detect truthfulness or deception. Recently, polygraph testing forms part of the employment contract of many companies. It should be noted that the subject to be tested must voluntary consent to the polygraph test and will be requested to sign a letter of consent prior to the test. The results of a polygraph test cannot be submitted as evidence in any criminal or civil matter.

    However it will be taken into consideration by the CCMA in a labour matter and may be regarded as an aggravating factor. Polygraph test results on its own are not a basis for a finding of guilt.

    It can be used only in support of other evidence. Arrangements can be made for the tests to be done on site at your convenience, provided that you make an office available in a quiet environment with a power point. 

    No travelling charges will be applicable within a 50km radius of our office, which is situated in Benoni.

    It is important that you understand the subjectís rights pertaining to his/her voluntary consent to take the polygraph test if this is not contained in his/her employment contract and how you may use the results. Each subject will be requested to sign a letter of consent.


    How does the polygraph work?

    Polygraph vs Voice Stress analysis


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